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Wrong Side Creations: A Year in Review

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On May 7th, 2023, I kicked off Wrong Side Creations. It was all about giving my creativity a damn good outlet because, let's be real, I needed one. My plan? To showcase, sell, and whip up my own art. I threw open the doors for anyone craving custom pieces—pet portraits, tattoo designs, you name it. I was starving for a place to let my brain run wild. Thus, Wrong Side Creations was born, logo and all—the notorious brain. Why? Because creativity usually comes from the right side of the brain, but me? I'm a data geek, an analytical soul, and my art? It's kinda twisted, not your typical fare. That's how I see the world, and it seeps into my creations.

So, a company was born. But what next? It was summer, and yeah, my art's cool, but art buying is a weird game. Personal buyers are hit or miss, struck by inspiration or desperate to fill a space. It's erratic as hell. Gift buyers? They're easier to predict—holidays, birthdays, those random 'oh shit, I need a present' moments. Then you've got fairs, pop-up shops, and all that jazz. Great venues, but damn, they demand products upfront and suck up your time. Plus, let’s face it, art's subjective, and it doesn't exactly promise a steady paycheck.

Bills were piling up. Running a company ain't cheap—website, ads, production, software... I needed to break even. Then it hit me. "Josh, you dumbass, you've designed logos, been on marketing gigs, tackled major rebrands. You've done big shit before, give yourself some credit!" So, in September, I beefed up Wrong Side Creations with a branding twist.

Four months down the line, my company’s identity was morphing. Scary? Hell yeah. Disheartening? Sure. But failing? Nope. It’s all about the pivot! Things started picking up. One contract, then two, then three. By the holidays, I was covering bills, creating like a madman, and having a blast. I met incredible folks, ventured into uncharted territory, and learned a ton. This journey has been wilder than I ever imagined.

Now, I'm juggling branding gigs, a book design, company art projects, and heaps of individual commissions. Year one? A freakin’ roller coaster. I've hit highs, crashed some, but damn, it’s been enlightening. (This blog? Yeah, one of those trials.)

As year two gears up, with art shows I'm curating alongside Eric Thornhill and the Baking is for Lovers duo, Cris and Val, I'm pumped for what’s next. It's daunting, but man, it's also hella exciting.

A massive shoutout to everyone who’s had my back. My wife Amanda, for dealing with all my shit and the endless bills. My friends—Luke, Sarah, Stefanie, Jonathan, and yeah, both Sarahs (haha)—for their support, purchases, advice, and shoulders to cry on. You all rock. And to my past, present, and future clients, thank you. This year’s been incredible because of you. I’m stoked for what we’re cooking up next.


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