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WOW I Hate Writing

girl who doesnt want to write and is frustrated

All three of you reading this are well aware that I launched my business last May. This journey introduced me to the realm of digital presence—managing a website, Instagram, Book of Faces, among others. And yes, there's the blog. The dilemma? What the hell to write about. Art, sure—let's delve into that. But, admit it, that can get stale for most. How about design and marketing? Well, there are plenty of voices out there far more eloquent and knowledgeable than mine on the subject. Me, then? Well, that's a trip through a rather shadowy narrative, to say the least! I bet some foes out there would revel in those tales.

Here's the rub: decision paralysis. I'm stuck, clueless about what to pen down or the purpose behind it. Here's a kicker, though: GOOGLE HAS IT IN FOR SMALL BUSINESSES! They seem to sideline small entities lacking in hefty traffic or those not constantly refreshing their content. This demands a Herculean effort for a small venture. And, let's be honest, writing can be a drag. LOL!

That explains my absence lately. I'll strive for improvement, yet I won't commit to being anything beyond my true self. A smart ass at heart, passionate about art and marketing, with a penchant for dark humor, a geek for all things cool, leaning towards music and movies over books, and yes, occasionally my words might carry a coarse edge, but they're from the deepest, most sincere darkest place within me!

Heads up on what's next: I'm spearheading my inaugural Art Show, "Art and Bakes," alongside the talented Eric Thornhill, with "Baking is for Lovers" in downtown Christiansburg providing the venue and treats. It's happening on March 9th, from 11-3. Right after, it's cruise time with the family.

Arts and Bakes flyers for art event on march 9th

Also, I'm collaborating with an incredible lady on her coffee table book project—more details to come, but Kickstarter folks, be ready. This one's for you.

Something significant is brewing for my art and graphic design venture... BUT WHAT COULD IT BE?

That's the update for now.



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