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To Share or Not to Share: Looping in Your Supportive People

When is it ok to share your dreams? When is it ok to share your ideas? When is it ok to share your road map to success?

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These are sometimes things that can pop into our mind, and even hold us back from moving forward in anything. First and foremost at no time in your life do you have to share anything with anyone for any reason. You can keep everything to yourself, some do and do very well. For others, they tell people but they are not ready for the reactions of others. Keep in mind this is your vision, your dream, your stepping stone, your path, NOT theirs. This can be a real eye-opening experience for some when not met with the warm response they want. But in reverse, you can have the people in your life not be honest or realistic with you. For example, You love singing, every day all day you sing, you want to sink money in a demo, and your friends and family are so kind and say you sound great……… Then you sound like a bad audition on American Idol (You know the ones I am talking about). Where do you think those auditioners got their confidence from? It came from non-realistic circles around them pumping them up.

The questions above come down to who are the people you are telling? Who are the people around you? Are you ready for feedback if you put it out there? Let’s be real the second you say something, positive or negative, everyone has formulated an opinion.

It is my own opinion that you step back think about your vision, and think about the emotions that are wrapped into it. Are you ready for someone to touch those? If so that is great Share it, I think getting friends and family jazzed/pumped up about your ventures is the best thing. Having the solid ground of the support group will be paramount in the ultimate success of your vision.

Now DON’T get that last statement twisted and misquote me, YOU and YOU alone are responsible for the overall success of your vision. But creating a backing to you personally will help you in times when the emotions and meshugha of running your own thing start to overwhelm.

Having that group you trust also becomes a great sounding board for new ideas and revelations for the things you want to change or pivot. They can become testers, promoters, your biggest fans, etc. No better feeling in the world than to know that the thing you do brings you joy and either brings them joy as well or brings them joy to see you happy.

If you are out there and reading this all 2-10 of you (WHICH I LOVE ALL OF YOU) do your thing. Put it out there. Go for it. You get this life make it your own.

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All Free Ways to Support Your Friends

If you know a friend who is out hustling or busting ass to bring their own thing to life remember to support them, even if you don’t have the finances to. Tons of free ways to support them. I know you will find a way.

I will stop preaching on a Saturday Morning. Now off to work on some fun changes. COMING SOON!



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