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The Playlist of My Art: Music, My Life, and My Art

Let’s shake things up this morning and talk about one of my passions that is one of the greatest assistance to my art, Music. Music has been one of the biggest tools in my artistic journey. It puts me in a creative mood, it helps me work through my feelings, I am able to zone out to beats, and create each line I draw to the unique sounds.

I am not limited by a genre or a rhythm, I truly listen to it all. My wife even gets so frustrated with me because a 5-minute car ride to the grocery store I have to find the right song to suit my mood and the drive.

Music is my blood, my heartbeat, my brain pattern, and an extension of me. While I am not active in playing anymore this was another creative outlet for me as a child, I played piano. My family was always musical. My father was the most gifted musician I knew personally playing multiple instruments, my mother tinkered with the piano, and my brother played bass and guitar. We always had music as the center of our lives. I have continued that practice today.

This year I made a conscious effort to bring it even further into focus by doing a monthly music journal in the form of playlists on Spotify. Here is my July Playlist if you would like to take a listen. I have one for each month of 2023. While not every song has an exact meaning to me, so don’t read into any specific song lol, there are some fun overarching themes (most unintentional).

For July, the theme is nostalgia and beauty. It started off with a beautiful slowed-down reimagination Last Resort. This throwback was done with such reverence for the meaning of the song and the pain of the original lyrics. The rest of the playlist is made of smooth gorgeous lyrics, beautiful melodies, slick musicality, Rock - Indie. It is definitely a venture into my brain.


Much Love,


Wrong Side Creations Logo, Brain with left side of the brain colored in a rainbow

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