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Old Dog New Tricks: Be a Forever Learner

I have never been so stimulated as I am now in my life. My brain has always worked a bit differently than it seemed from others in my life. I never took the conventional route of learning. I need to learn in very specific conditions. If you tell me to learn something typically I rebel and refuse lol! I have to be interested and if I am I tend to engross myself with all the data. Rapid firing on all pistons (or some other metaphor that works for you).

XBox Achievement Unlocked Logo

This venture has opened up so many opportunities to learn new skills. I feel like I am playing a X-Box game every other day hearing ‘ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED”. The things I have learned have stemmed from all the new tricks I have done with the website, to new Adobe skills, to randomly learning how to repartition a hard drive that I completely wiped trying to gain access to a laptop lol!

I am constantly absorbing information these days, my brain is exhausted but in the best way. The need to learn has always been there for me. If I am not challenging myself I am bored and sometimes destructive… Idle hands and all.

On my path of being a forever learner here is a list of some great ways for you to continue your learning adventure:

  • Peer to Peer - Your friends, colleagues, and network is full of untapped potential that is just a lunch away from a learning opportunity. This is so under utilized today, in my opinion, I don’t know if it is pride, social awkwardness, or what, but knowledge is meant to be shared. Don’t be afraid to ask, worst comes to worst they say no, you are no worse off than when you started off.

  • Youtube - We are in an age when there is so much opportunity for free courses, speeches, tutorials, and so much more. I live on Youtube when trying to figure something out.

  • TikTok - Another great source like TikTok but shorter form of video walkthroughs. This is amazingly great for people like me that sometimes completely gloss over when people speak. To offense to anyone that has seen me do that to them. It just normally means that something they said triggered a thought, that stumbled into a million thoughts lol! I digress, sometimes you just need the direct answer without the fluff. Follow tons of people, the things you can learn here will save you hours.

  • Good Ole Fashioned Books - These have standed the test of time for a reason. Now I say that with some reservation, there are some things that information changes so rapidly that digital is the only way to keep up with the ever changing landscape. But for artists and other fundamental based crafts there are some things that will not change and having those resources at your fingertips with a book can be super useful.

Any adventure that you want to accomplish is just a bit of learning away. Never stop learning, Don’t Stop Believing!!! (I had to do it)

Much Love,


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