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Mandalas: My Evolution

From the days of scribbling absentmindedly in school to the digital realm of endless artistic possibilities, mandalas and my evolution into this art form has been a transformative experience. I would like to share how these intricate patterns became my creative sanctuary, my therapy, and my pursuit of personal growth.

Even as a young student, note-taking never resonated with me. Instead, I found solace in doodling. Creating small, sketchy drawings seemed to forge a connection in my brain, allowing me to retain information effortlessly. Over time, these doodles evolved into elaborate repeat patterns that covered entire pages.

During a work training session at a conference center, my usual habit of doodling took center stage. As I absentmindedly filled the page with color and patterns, a fellow participant noticed and expressed genuine appreciation for my creations. His words, though forgotten for years, lingered in my mind.

In 2018, I embraced a new world of artistic expression when I acquired an iPad and pencil. The Procreate app, with its symmetry mode, became a gateway to limitless creative possibilities. It was here that I remembered the encouragement I had received years ago, and I started exploring deliberate art forms.

Elephant Mandala, Done by Joshua Soloway, Wrong Side Creations

As I delved into the world of digital art, I began to explore traditional mandala shapes and incorporated them into my own unique designs. While drawing inspiration from established patterns, I maintained my originality, understanding that true originality is a rare concept. A turning point arrived with my Elephant Mandala, a labor of love that demanded 40 hours of dedication and attention.

In this artistic pursuit, I discovered a style that I truly enjoyed and could lose myself in for hours on end. Creating mandalas became my journal, my therapy (perhaps not the healthiest kind), my way of taking notes, and my pure enjoyment. Although I do not consider myself a master or compare myself to the accomplished traditional mandala artists, I continue to grow with each piece I create.

My ultimate aspiration is to offer something that resonates with you, something you genuinely love, or perhaps even inspire you to embark on your own creative journey. As the great Bob Ross once said, "Talent is a pursued interest. Anything you're willing to practice, you can do."

Wrong Side Creations Logo, Brain, Rainbow

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