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Little Fish, Big Pond: How to Find Your Home in the Market

Today, let’s talk about breaking into a market that can seem over-saturated. This can be daunting and cause some anxiety in trying to find a voice and a place as my title suggests Little Fish Big Pond. There are a couple of ways to approach this without losing your mind. Let’s explore this in this post.

ven diagram explaining how to find your niche, what are you good at, what do you enjoy, is there a market, in the middle sweet spot

Finding Your Niche:

Take a look at your competition in the space you are looking at look. Who is out there? What are they doing? What can you do? Does it differ from anything they do?

Normally there is always some crossover with everyone in every industry you may all do Logos for example (this is what I am breaking into) but you might have a specific point of view on logos. You might take an illustrative style to all your logos given that rustic beautiful vibe to everything. That is your niche. That makes you special. When you are advertising yourself and putting yourself out there this is a way to make your company stand out.

Finding Your Demographic:

Maybe you offer the same services as everyone else and you don’t have a niche art style (sticking with the theme above), that’s ok, what demographic will you go after? You will find that every company has a level of the demographic they are going after, start-ups, small businesses, mid-size, large-size, etc.

This is where you can stand out. If everyone is looking for those larger accounts you can target those one-offs or if everything is focused on small businesses, go big or go home.

Ultimately there are always ways to make yourself stand out. The big thing is to put yourself out there and make sure to bid on everything you get an opportunity to. NEVER TURN DOWN AN OPPORTUNITY FOR FEEDBACK.

The most cliche quote is coming in 1….2…..3…. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” - Wayne Gretzky

Now Go Conquer Your Market.

Much Love


wrong side creations logo, brain with a rainbow colored in the left side

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