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Just Around the Riverbend: Being Flexible with Your Plans

I have been a bit absent this week really taking that step back on what to do with the business solution side and art side and how deep I am going to go. While I was going to on Wednesday dip my toes into it, I think I might go a bit further and go a bit more like waist deep lol! I am going to be taking the weekend and maybe more to revamp the website, yes the brand website I just put out there. But that’s ok. That is what is around the Riverbend and the wind is taking me.

I want to make sure I stay open to opportunities where they are and grow my skills, my portfolio, my presence/brand (yeah my ego is healthy), and my clientele. I do not want to pigeonhole myself to just what I think my limits are. In my opinion, some of the killers of growth are self-imposed limits.

I will keep growing, I will keep failing UP, I will keep having wins, I will keep crying myself to sleep (did that just slip out)... Back on track… I will stay in a constant state of flux for a bit, staying flexible with my plans, and I will be ok with that. I want to be flexible with fate.

vintage black and white photo of a man sitting on multiple chairs that are balncing on the edge of a skyscraper.

So what am I doing to balance this:

  1. I am still doing my Mandalas and art - this is my joy, my passion, my moments of Zen.

  2. I am still doing my custom commissions - If you want a custom mandala hit me up. I got you fam.

  3. I am adding in services - I will be opening up new services to my website mostly digital art but for business lol! I want to work on the digital design pieces for small or large business. I currently have a smaller portfolio of these. I will put that out there and hope to grow it shortly.

    1. Full Branding

    2. Logo Creation

    3. Logo Reworking

  4. My Social Media - You will start to see some of my postings shift to be more centered around the new business side. Will I get rid of my personality NOPE! I will still be posting my music, playlists, my personal art, and things I find fun. I will just be focusing most of the main post content around the business.

What do I need from you my faithful few? Great questions, I need you to think in your head about your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else that could use some digital services. I am happy to set up a meeting with them and have face-to-face if they are local in the NRV or via video call if they are not. I want to help them bring their vision to life and bring new life to something they already have.

As always thank you for reading and following along with my journey. This has been an adventure to say the least.

Much Love,


Wrong side creations logo, brain colored in with a rainbow on the left side of the brain.

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