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It's Morphing Time: Personal Development in My Small Business

A LOT happened this weekend

If you haven’t visited the website until now time to take the tour.

I have officially launched my business solutions side of Wrong Side. After years of being a part of the teams that made the Marketing decisions and working with creatives to finalize those visions. I am now getting to be THE actual creative. I get to take my years of business knowledge, marketing knowledge, my artistic skill, and mash it into ONE MEGAZORD BEAST MOVE of a small business.

Scrabble tiles that spell LEARN

I am forever a learner, a grower and always looking for opportunities to take myself to the next level. For a while, as I have stated in past blogs (Wait what you have read those, CATCH UP), I have always had personal development for someone/something/some other company's sake. Today, I say nay, not for you, but for me. For it is one small step for man, one giant LEAP FOR ME! (Yeah I changed…. What about it).

Like my new website, I am choosing my own adventure. I am skipping to page 96 and hoping for no bear or cliff or ninja. I am hoping for the treasure chest, the princess, the prize, the completion of the quest. But I have one thing the old books don’t have the ability to beat the bear, jump the cliff, and the ability to kick the ass of the ninja; If I need to of course LOL! This comes in the way of learning from failure, taking classes, and learning from others with more knowledge than me (older or younger***). This will sharpen my tool, my brain, to overcome the next obstacle so I don’t have to go back to the start. With each misstep, it becomes easier and easier to rebound.

***If you noticed I said younger than me as well. For a while, we have always said to learn from the elders. From the days of old, we sat around campfires as the elders regaled us with stories from their past so we could learn from their experiences. However, the young in today's society has so much knowledge. Unlike generations in the past, they have access to everything at a much younger age. They can grow their crafts much easier and by the time they are 20 or 30 they can have the same or more experience or expertise as someone much older with the sheer fact they were able to start much younger. DON’T DISCOUNT the youth when you are in your pursuit of knowledge.

Anyway, enjoy the website, enjoy the blog, enjoy the art, hope you are fired up for your journey!

Be on the lookout for the next blog I have a guest blogger writing about how to start a new hobby.

Much Love,


Wrong Side Creations Logo, Brain with the left side colored in with a rainbow

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