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Empowering Youth: Graphic Design, Life Skills, and Alternative Success Paths in High SCHOOL

High School Students walking up stairs

A Day of Inspiration: My Upcoming Session at the Local High School

This coming Monday, I've been bestowed the wonderful honor of leading a classroom session at one of our local high schools. This is monumental for me, and here's why:

  1. The Unconventional Path: I haven't walked the halls of a university as a student, yet life has been a rich tapestry of achievements for me. It's a testament to the myriad ways one can find success.

  2. Broadening Horizons: I've always harbored the desire to enlighten young minds about the diverse avenues to success. University education is invaluable, but it's essential to understand that it might not be the golden ticket for everyone.

But, let's not get lost in the preamble. Here's a sneak peek into what I'll be sharing:

Meme from Office Space with the saying if you could get back on topic thatd be great

The Artistic Voyage: Spread across five engaging blocks, we'll embark on a journey through the world of Graphic Art and Design. From the rudiments of business fundamentals to their application in the art and design realm, it promises to be enlightening.

Live Demonstrations: Witness firsthand the magic of live drawings and graphics I'll be crafting. It's one thing to learn theoretically, but the real fun begins when you see art come to life!

Behind the Scenes: Dive deep into the software and tools that are my allies in creation. I'll break down the costs, benefits, and the nitty-gritty of what it takes to thrive as an artist in today's world. And let's debunk that 'starving artist' myth once and for all!

Mastering the Interview Game: Beyond art, I'll be addressing the entire school on the nuances of interviews. From mastering soft skills to ensuring you shine post-hiring, it's all about making a lasting impression.

The high school's initiative to introduce students to a plethora of industries, both degree-centric and otherwise, is commendable. It warms my heart to contribute my time, resources (yes, they're getting a cool app for their iPads!), and energy to a cause I deeply resonate with.

Being an integral part of such initiatives has been a dream I've cherished. I'm optimistic that this is just the beginning. And hey, if you're reading this and know of similar opportunities in the New River Valley, do give me a shout!

Much love,


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