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Days of My Life: Website, SEO and Google Indexing, OH MY

Captains Log, Star date 07122023, I awoke with a sense of accomplishment. Since Saturday I have started to dive deeper into the knowledge I need to know to keep my website and other listings up to date. While I have so much more to learn, the things I have learned, and subsequently implemented, have already started to take route.

Things that I have learned this week:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - To dumb this down the most I can, this is the part of a website, blog, product, etc on your website that makes it searchable in Google and other search engines. Your websites SEO can be very complex and I was lucky to have a very surface knowledge from my past life of being a property manager. Well back then I at least knew it existed and paid others to do it. Here are a couple things about SEO that help:

    1. You need to optimize every picture, blog post, product description, page, tab, etc with key words and phrases that make it searchable.

    2. You can go about this with many tools:

      1. Wix has some free and paid programs that help to optimize the site.

      2. Hire a phenomenal marketing company like Aspire in Christiansburg. Companies like this one can help to build your site, advertise your site, and keep the content fresh.

      3. Or you can go through each item and add the Meta Data (a set of data that describes and gives information about other data). This is the area where you can describe the page, product, blog, etc to add extra words and phrases that make your page searchable and ultimately indexed by Google.

  2. Indexed - Website/Pages are indexed by Google if their googlebot “crawls” the site and analyzes the meta data, keywords, and related signals to find out if and where it should be ranked.

    1. This is typically simple with Google, if you link and claim your domain with Google.

      1. From there Google has a guide for you to follow to make sure the site can be index and not excluded.

      2. Fun fact Google lets you know if something has been excluded and why it has been. This is an easy step to fix and correct.

      3. Google will even do an instant analysis to make sure what you did corrected it.

Remember Google is your friend. There is so much content out there to help. Is it a lot to go over? Yeah. Is it undoable? No. Just remember to take it slow and do each step correctly, not quickly. This is definitely a key step of building your site and business. This step shouldnt be taken lightly but don't be scared. I am not an expert and I am still learning. Please look up the information and if I learn more I will post.

You got this. If I can, you can!

Much love,


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