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Can You Be a Boss Bitch?

I have been thinking about this week; milestones, goals, performance, boss bitch vibes, whatever you will call them. When I look back on my “careers” in the past, they have always been driven by these. When I get this title, my next goal is this title, when I get this salary, the next is this salary, so on and so forth. I sacrificed so much for so long to obtain these goals. First and foremost my sanity because I was ever unmoving in those goals. I would hold out longer in places I shouldn’t have because I knew I was just on the brink of that breakthrough cause the goal was the only target.

When I took on this new career, not my art, I was able to slow down and really evaluate my priorities on what things should look like. First and foremost goals/milestones were no longer titles and salaries but mindsets and balances. Things started to shift to be more about the journey and not the destination because I wasn't searching for an outward outcome. It was really freeing.

Then I got this crazy idea to start a side hustle/passion project around my art. How quickly I found myself falling right back into the mindset of lofty goals and reaching them at all cost. Giving it my all, spending more money than I had at the moment, setting myself up for failure because I didn't scale my thoughts to the process correctly. I didn’t prepare myself for the journey. Think about going hiking, you set out at day break, you have a jug of water, first thing in the morning you drink it all, you have no other source of water for the rest of the day. You have just royally screwed youself the rest of the day. It’s the same with overextending yourself mentally, financially, and physically for something, even if it is a personal business.

Small Buisness MEME of Kim Kardashian Yelling at someone calling her business a side hustle, she yells, maybe if you had a f*ing business that you were passionate about then you would know what it take to run a f*ing business but you don't

So what do you do? You hear all the time it takes blood sweat and tears to start your own business, 100% correct. I have cried, bled and sweated. However, step back and look at things realistically. First, realistically, what money can you put into it? Followed by how long can you go without that money? What does that mean? I am an artist, I make art digitally, the upfront cost of a creation is minimal at best, however printing and shipping is hefty, website is a chunk, advertising, etc. But those are kind of set so I could use some savings or cash to cover those. Your business could have a larger upfront cost requiring a loan which would require payback much sooner. Really slow down and look at everything from every angle with this one. This can break your goal and take your love out of what you are doing very quickly.

Secondly, adoption, acceptance, customers, reviews, follows, likes, shares, loves, hates, comments, I could go on and on. This is a milestone that you will need to be super realistic on. I am not saying don’t have goals but also look at things objectively. For instance if your overhead monthly is $50 then maybe the goal is $50 worth of customers, if you meet that on day 1 of the month, you say now lets cover next month, and the next, and the next. This also goes for your online presence that takes time to permeate. Sadly you may have 5000 friends on instagram but only 30 people will follow your business. It is a reality lol! But that is ok, you do you. There is a market for you. Be true to yourself, your product, your niche, your business. Find your voice in these early months. Play with formats, FAIL, FAIL BAD, this is the time to do that.

Biggest takeaway, CELEBRATE every WIN. No matter if the win is great or small. If your recent trip to staples cost $100 and then an order came in that was $100, WOOT your supplies were just covered. Everything in the beginning can be tied back to a win, or a learning opportunity.

I am by far not an expert, I am just giving my point of view on places I have failed, stumbled, and plain ole fell flat on my face. Hopefully I can point out the unevenness in the pavement so you can avoid it.

Good luck and MUCH LOVE,


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