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Brain Dump: Social Groups, Healthy or Nah?

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We all have that 1 weird friend.... Sometimes that is me

I have been recently thinking about social groups and the influence they have on our lives. I grew up in a larger area, with many genres of friends, many cultures, and the ability to co mingle with them all. Being able to adapt and move within different customs, thought processes, and ideologies helped me to become as agile as I am to have my point of view without shoving it down anyone else’s throats. While being able to respect the other person’s position without the need or want to actually change them from that position.

This has allowed me to have an open mind and be more informed, even if that information just solidified my point of view.

We hear a lot about damaging words, trigger warnings, etc. as a society, when did it become a damning thing to have your own opinions? Living in an echo chamber of your own idea, doesn’t mean you are right in your thoughts, it just means you refuse to hear from someone that has a contrary opinion. It softens us to the point when we hear something so contrary that we break down because it is so dismantling to our idea. If you truly believe what you think it can stand up to scrutiny.

I am digressing a bit to the negative side of social groups, but I wanted to give you a more extreme idea of what a social circle can do to your thoughts and actions.

Now to the positive side, a group of diverse thoughts, different levels of drive and ambitions, when the pacifist and the antagonist can truly drink a beer together, is the ultimate equilibrium. I have found myself recently introducing new people to my group with fresh ideas, a drive to grow, a drive to do their passions, and it has inspired me more and more.

It has also helped me to accept what is right for me is right for me and what is right for someone else is right for them. We don’t need to hold ourselves to someone else's accomplishments and standards.

What it shows me is that the right people in your life will uplift, cheer on, cheer up, and support you through your highs and lows of growth.

This is not just financial, it is physical, and emotional.

Find you the right group, don’t be afraid to drop the wrong group, and know that you 100% choose the people around you. You can control it and don’t be bound by people who do not push you to be the best you possible. You will not thrive always being told Yes in your life. While you need to be strong on your own, remember with friends life is so much more enjoyable.

Thank you for reading my A.D.H.D. Brain dump on social groups and the source of your own drive.

Much Love,


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